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When you get hurt by haters. (Optional bias)

"She is such a freaking bimbo! Always acting cute and squealing!!"

"She acts sexy and she’s not even pretty. "

"She can’t sing for nuts. "

"She’s a bitch! Always spouting stupid comments and acting like she knows it all. "

"She just wants to do everything her way. "

These comments burned into you mind as you read them. You always knew that people disliked you but you never knew why. But now you did. But being the optimist that you were, you swallowed the insults and tried to smile.

"Hey babe, what are you doing?"
You quickly switched tabs on the computer when your boyfriend entered.

"N-nothing. Just surfing the net. " you said.

He looked at the page you were on and raised an eyebrow. “Google’s startup page? What are you hiding?”

"Nothing! I promise you. " you tried to convince him but to no avail. He took the mouse from you and clicked on the other tab.

You held your breath not really anticipating his reaction.

"What’s this?" he asked pointing to the screen. "Why are they so many insulting comments about you?" he sounded pissed.

You gulped. “I-it’s just a forum. I should be happy right? People actually pay attention to an insignificant musical actress like me. ” you tried laughing it off.

He frowned at you. “If you’re upset just say it. “

"I’m not upset! I’m serious. I treat it as constructive criticism. " you told him.

He got mad. “What is wrong with you? These people are saying such insults at you an you don’t even care? Where’s your pride? Or do you have any love for yourself?!”

"Why are you getting angry anyway?! " you sighed in exasperation. "they are talking about me! Not you!!"

He pulled you into his arms. “Because you’re my girl. I feel indignant for you. “

"I’m sorry I disappointed you. " you whispered. Tears were welling in your eyes but not enough for you to cry.

"Don’t apologise. " he stroked your head. "It not your fault. You have portrayed who you are and stayed true to yourself and not pretentious like others. That’s why I love you. "

"Thank you for understanding. " you smiled as you snuggled into his chest.

"If I don’t. Who will? You can always count on oppa to support you. I’ll always be here for you, ____."

Possessive Part 1 (Optional bias)

You ran out of that apartment with tears streaming down your bruised cheeks. Not daring to turn back in case he was there, you clutched your side and ran harder. Each step felt like a knife was stabbing your abdomen. But nothing hurt more than your heart.

Finally, unable to take the pain anymore, you collapsed at the side of a road. Tired and in pain, you leaned against the telephone booth to sort your thoughts.

"Why?" you mumbled.

It was not the first time he had hurt you like this. You boyfriend of 6 years always had issues with violence. He got jealous easily and couldn’t even stand it if another has just taken so much as a passing glance at you. He told you he was scared of losing you. But you were beginning to doubt it. He took everything out on you. Stress at work, jealousy and even small mistakes you make in the kitchen; he would use them as excuses to hit you.

At first it was just slaps. But over time, he dared to send punches and most recently, kicks.

Your mind flashed back to an incident.
“Why did you talk to Sehun?!” in his rage he pushed you to the ground and have you a hard kick.
You clutched at your belly, unable to respond. He was still ranting until he realised what he did.
“I’m so sorry ___, I didn’t mean to hurt you! I just got too angry…”

He carried you bridal style into the bedroom and ticked you into the bed. Little did he know, that bit by bit, you were slipping out of consciousness.

He kissed your cheek and asked you if you felt better. You weakly nodded but you knew something was not right. You watched him walk put of the room and your vision got blurrier and blurrier and the last thing you heard was the door clicking close.

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When you are tired. 2/2 (Nu’est Ren)

Half an hour later, he comes in with a bowl of porridge on a tray.
“____, wake up. Time to eat. ” he tells you sweetly.

You pouted and forced your eyes open to look at him. “I’m tired. Feed me. ”

He sighs as you close your eyes again. You wait for him to argue or to ask you to open your mouth for the spoon but none of that comes.

Opening your eyes, you see him blowing the porridge and eating it.

"Wha- "

You were cut off by his lips pressing against your own. Taking advantage of your already parted lips, he uses his tongue to transport the food from his mouth into yours. The feeling of his tongue flickering around in yours sent shivers down your back and you push yourself forward to feel more of him. He repeats the action until you get frustrated and try to get the food out of his mouth at your own speed. You two break apart and he frowns because of his lost of dominance.

He puts food in his mouth again but tho time, he pins you down against the bed, holding your arms down. Your back arches naturally as you struggle to come in contact with his body. This whole game was to addicting.

Until there was no food left in either of your mouths he continues exploring the crevices of your mouth. You allow him since you were to tired to fight back.

Again, he continues until there is no more porridge left in the bowl.

"Better? " he asks.

"I’m still hungry, oppa. "

When you are tired 1/2 (Nu’est Ren)

It was a heck of a long day at work. You came home sore from doing paperwork seated for the last 11 hours.

”_____ you’re home?” the calming voice of your boyfriend came from the bedroom.

You were to tired to answer so you walked to the room and threw yourself next to him. You sighed and close your eyes.

"Bad day huh? "

You nodded.

He rubbed your aching shoulder blades and told you to take a nap and he would make food.
You looked at him. “You make food?”
“You’ll see. ” he smiled. He unbuttoned the first button of your shirt and tucked you into bed.


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